When: 8 Oct 2010
From: OSY
What she bought: Topshop-Inspired Petal Accent Frock
What she says:  All the transactions are fast and efficient. Received my dress in good condition. Keep up the good work! :")
What we say: Thanks dear <3 hope you like the dress!

When: 30 Sept 2010
From: Fran
What she bought: Denim Jeggings in Light Wash + Crochet Ribbed Tank in Jade + Our Favourite Cardigan in Grey
What she says:   In my first purchase, I remember receiving my package, opening it, and feeling truly impressed. I love personal notes, and included in my neatly-packaged mail was a little note of thanks, written on fancy note paper. It made me smile -- and my lovely tank plus cardi made my smile bigger!
I recently made another purchase of jeggings, and was again very pleased with the service. Email responses are polite, detailed and prompt, making transacting a breeze as well.
Lastly, the reasonable price range is also a draw. I am a new fan! =D
What we say: Hey babe! thanks for shopping with us! Hope you like your purchases so far :)

When: 28 Sept 2010
From: Noom
What she bought: Toga causal top (IRIS BLUE)
What she says: Great seller.. I have overlooked to transfer the payment to her after the deadline given but she reconfirm whether i still wan the top.. Deeply appreciate.. Fast delivery after i make the payment.. Thank for the great service
What we say: Thanks dear :) Hope you like the top!

When: 14 Sept 2010
From: Andrea
What she bought: Polka Hearts Puff Sleeved Top
What she says: Beautiful top in good quality, fast shipping!! Thanks!
What we say: Thanks dear! Hope you like it! :)

When: 14 Sept 2010
From: Chanel
What she bought: Knitted Kaftan (GREY)
What she says: Respond was quick, I managed to get my items 2days after my payment. Owner is friendly and trustable, material: "what you see is what you get"!
What we say: Thanks dear! :) Hope you like it!

When: 14 Sept 2010
From: Esther
What she bought: Crochet Chiffon Top in White
What she says:  Lovely to the max! Totally love the top! Fast shipping too! I received my top just now! =D
What we say: Thank you dear! So glad that you like the top <3

When: 14 Sept 2010
From: Jolyn Eng
What she bought: Laced Weekend Top (Blue)
What she says They were very prompt in replying my mails, and were really sweet. Can't wait for my item to arrive in the mailbox . Thanks girls (:
What we say: Thanks babe! Hope you like the item :)

When: 13 Sept 2010
From: Wendy Boey
What she bought: Crochet Chiffon Top in White
What she saysVerify payment very fast, delivered the parcel on the day as promised without me asking about the status. First time shopping with The summer Loft and glad that I have a good experience with u girls. Hope to deal with u girls again !
What we say: Thanks dear! Hope you like the item :)

When: 12 Sept 2010
From: Ronelle
What she bought: Mandarin Collared Blouse
What she says: Well~I have two points to share with you guys..

1) Excellent customer service
--> Before I even bought the blouse,I always have tons of questions to ask to make sure the decision in purchasing is correct and will not regret after that. Well~the owner of thesummerloft is SUPER GREAT. She replied promptly and never had a hint of annoyance when I kept asking so much about the blouse. Regardless am I acquiring about the blouse or her views on suitability of apparels, she will always answer in way makes you feel like you are chatting with friends,very at ease and safe to shop here.

And what I like the most of the owner's service is that she is so kind to put a little sweet note on the apparel. It does brings warmth to one's heart, feeling that the owner makes sure her customer smile upon receiving the apparel. Super sweet!

2) Good quality apparel
--> After 2-3 days, when I received my blouse, I was afraid the quality of the blouse will not be as what I expected of it. However, it was not. The quality is good and the design is the same as shown (meaning providing correct item to correct customer and etc). I guess the owner did check before mailing out the item to the customer. All I can say is the quality can be assured!Guaranteed!

Note: I super thankful and glad that I found thesummerloft for my future online shopping...And Jas~Keep up the good work! Super perfect! I will continue to show my support for thesummerloft in future..^^/
What we say: Thank you for your time to write such a long testimonial for us! :) And we're happy that you had such a pleasant time shopping with us <3

When: 9 Sept 2010
From: Yien
What she bought: Denim Romper
What she says: First time purchasing item on summerloft and its really an enjoyable one.smooth transaction, friendly & lovely item.Keep up the good job! (:
What we say: Thank you dear! :)

When: 27 August 2010
From: Liza
What she bought: Knitted Tunic (Grey) + Our Favourite Cardigan (Nude Pink)
What she says: Extremely prompt replies to email and in delivery of items. The items are true to what Jas described in the comments...(favourite cardigan is really soft, comfy and plushy to the touch) 
* Plus Jas is so sweet- the parcel recieved has her hand-writen little notes. Oh, and the little heart sticker is adorning my lappie now! =)
Thanks babe for the beautiful pieces! Keep them flowing!!!!!!

What we say: Thank you dear! So glad that you love the loots :D

When: 19 August 2010
From: Sharon
What she bought: Chic Jumpsuit
What she says: I'm an avid online shopper who thrawls blogshops. And I must say Summerloft has the BEST service hands down. Best in terms of ease of shopping, responsiveness and painlessness! Keep up the good work :) Looking forward to receiving my item. Cheers~
What we say: Thank you, Sharon! :D We're truly flattered.

When: 18 August 2010
From: Rina
What she bought: Corset High Waist Pants (Grey)
What she says: Hi I've reviewed the above item here, although I was not able to fit into the nice pants, I hope this will help your sales: http://forums.cozycot.com/2612872-post49270.html
What we say: Thank you, Rina! That's really sweet of you :)

When: 13 August 2010
From: Andrea
What she bought: Polka Dot Printed Tee (Basics with a Twist)
What she says: Reliable seller, prompt communication, fast shipping, lovely item!
What we say: Thank you, Andrea! Glad that you like the item! :)

When: 12 August 2010
From: Melody
What she bought: Embroidered Kaftan in Pure White (Summer Lovin')
What she says: received the kaftan today from Thesummerloft and I LOVE IT! material is awesome and it's so pretty. thank you so much for mailing it out promptly! would love to shop here again!! :)
What we say: Thank you, Melody! So glad we're able to contribute to your lovely wardrobe. We'd love to hear from you again! 

When: 6 August 2010
From: Anette
What she bought: Alexa Satchel (Your Daily Neutrals)
What she says: very smooth transaction and surprisingly prompt shipping
What we say: Thank you, Anette! Glad that you like it :)

When: 2 August 2010
From: Amanda
What she bought: Puff Sleeve Cardigan in Heather Grey (Basics with A Twist)
What she says: fast transaction and very nice cardigan! really glad i bought it :)
What we say: Thank you, Amanda! We're really glad that you like the item!

When: 2 August 2010
From: Esther
What she bought: Gathered Front Top (Basics with A Twist)
What she says: Received invoice, verified payment on Thursday night and goods received today! 
The plastic was opened before, so I assume they check my top before mailing :D Item in perfect condition!
What we say: Thank you, Esther! Glad that you like it :) Yes, we'll try our best to check the items but in the event that we miss out some or we don't have the time to, do contact us should you receive any pieces with defects! 

When: 27 July 2010
From: June
What she bought: Romantic Maxi Dress in Nude Pink (My Summer Fling II)
What she says: Received the dress just now and I love it! Thank you for mailing it out fast. 
What we say: Thank you, June! Glad that you like your item. We love it too :)

When: 27 July 2010
From: Celesta 
What she bought: Vintage Floral Printed Dress (My Summer Fling II)
What she says: Received my dress 2 days after I cfmed my order. Really friendly & efficient svc :)
What we say: Thank you, Celesta! Hope you like your item :)